Friday, 11 May 2012

The Reason Why....

I am feeling so tried............

Art Deco buttons with fine silver necklace

I don't know why I don't have the leaflet for this one?

The last month (or maybe longer) has been soo busy for me making and preparing work for the Brighton Festival Artist Open Houses

For those that don't know Brighton is an amazingly wild and creative sea side town/city on the South coast on England and the Artist's Open Houses is part of the Brighton Festival which is this huge massive arts celebration throughout May where everyone and everything gets incredibly arty with music, song, dance, decorative arts, and any other arty type thing you can think of!

The Artist Open House is where artists living in Brighton (there is a lot of them) literally fill their house with fellow artists and there own work and open it up for the public to come and have a mosey about and hopefully buy some brilliant art.
Great for the English love of peeking around other peoples houses! And for keeping alive their thriving art scene.

I have never taken part in it before so for my first go I thought it was a good idea to participate in three of the Houses! Yes THREE! Utter madness and insanity.... 
My work load has never been so heavy and the amount of pieces I have had to create to give them all a good spread-I think I have made more for these three houses than I made all last year put together!

Maybe I went over board and should of been more conservative but it's such an opportunity and the amount of people that come through and visit is huge! It is very exciting and I am really pleased with the work I have produced. I even managed to get a new range of dinner wear made for one of the house and this will be these pieces first public outing- I can't wait to see peoples reactions and what they think of them.... I can't wait to share them with you guys as well.

After all that work I am now though rather exhausted and have enjoyed this last week taking it a little bit easier and catching up on all the things I have neglected of late ( including fiancĂ© Chris :( ).

That isn't Chris by the way-this is Scat Cat ;)

If you or any one you know is in the area do encourage them to visit one or all the houses I'm in. Or any other houses or festivities of the festival. You can see more about it here and here 

I am stewarding at the weekends at each of the houses (will be at Sue's on Saturday am and Tina's on Sunday am) so people can meet the artists themselves which makes it abit more personal and rather lovely I feel.
I will undoubtedly post more about the houses and the artists involved soon and also about some of the other houses I have visited too-like 'The Ceramic House' I went to last weekend. And yep just like it name implies, a house full of ceramics! Heavenly.......

Will be back soon and wishing you all a great weekend-the sun looks to be shining here for a change! Hope it is where you are too :))   


  1. I've a feeling you may look like Scat cat when this is all ove!
    Jane x

  2. Have a good weekend and then you can flop! If I lived near you I'd be there for sure. x