Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Happiness Revolution

I am joining Astra and others in a Happiness Revolution where we forget about the negatives, turn off the news and be thankful and appreciate all the lovely, good things in our lives.

My ten things making me happy these days are:

  1. Proper good coffee and none of this tasteless decaf stuff either. Real strong roasted coffee...first thing in the morning...
  2. Having everything made and done (and still being proud of my work) for the Brighton Festival Artist's Open Houses. If you asked me last year if I could of done this I would of laughed my a**e off!
  3. Our new little bunny Yona. Everything she does is just so sweet.
  4. Sowing plants and watching them grow in the garden.
  5. My adorable fiancĂ© helping me out and being so proud of me. He is the most amazing!
  6. Being surrounded by lots of like minded people creating fabulous things that inspire and excite me.
  7. Looking after a friends hens and their crazy rooster-chickens are the funniest things!
  8. A controversial one but all the rain we have had recently! I love rain!
  9. Making the yummiest cherry cupcakes I have ever tasted! Even if I do say so myself ;)
  10. Looking forward to going to Download Festival next month, fishing out the cagoule and getting my best head bang on! 


  1. Great minds think alike :) I also love rain, standing in it, looking up and getting soaked (no i'm not barmy)! Thank goodness your'e not afraid to say your'e proud of your work, no self doubts, I love that. Yona is adorable ;D Have a great time at the Download Festival xx

  2. Oh yes, lovely to meet Yona. I think she may become a little star with three fans already. x

  3. four fans!!! i love her too! Great list, your all linked up now on the original post too :)