Friday, 18 May 2012

Channel View

Art Deco buttons with fine silver necklace
What d'you think of the new look?

Channel View 
179 Surrenden Road

Is Tina Gunstone's gorgeous house on the edge of Brighton town (it's all hilly and green there-amazing!) where us group of Thirteen Artists handmade art work is being displayed for this month as part of the Brighton Festival Artist's Open Houses.

The pieces there are stunning and diverse and beautiful! The standard is so high, I am honoured if a little scared to have my work sitting along side such art work by such well known and respected artists.
Tina's house is beautiful with a huge garden that is at present full of Victoria Lovell's stoneware creatures including red squirrels (the cutest!) and hares and chickens.

Wee Hen by Victoria Lovell

The Thirteen of us are:

There is so many great artists I could be here all day going on about their work showing you pictures after pictures but I will restrain my self and just pick a couple.

Victoria is my teacher and my mentor (or the person you can blame for getting me into this crazy business!? ;). And she has been working with ceramics in the US and here for more than 15 years now.
You can see her website
Her ceramic animal sculptures are so characterful and watching here work, the fluidity in which she creates these pieces-it is like the pieces,already formed and waiting somewhere just pour out of her. 

Giraffes by Victoria

How sweet!

Gorilla and Baby

I was also pleased to find the work of Karin Moorhouse. I am usually more of a 3D art person but her paintings of still life in oils have rather inspired me with a new range of dinner wear I am in the process of developing.

I like the grouping of the objects and her use of light. It has given me some good ideas for photographing my new pieces when they are ready.
She also does portraiture which I find amazing. I have always been so envious of those that can paint a person really well and capture that beauty.

Finding out about these people and discovering their work has to be one of the best things about doing this Festival and it sure is lovely to be inspired by others work.

What do you think of the pieces I have shown here?
Do you have a favourite, have any inspired you?


  1. Gorilla and child moved me to tears it is so beautiful.
    Jane x

  2. oh wow Jane and Chris...I will tell Victoria she will love to hear that someone was been so touched by her work.
    She was inspired to made the gorilla and baby when she visited London Zoo and the lowland gorilla there called Mjukuu had given birth to a baby called 'Tiny'. She rushed home and made this beautiful tribute to the tenderness she saw between mother and son.
    Devastatingly when Tiny was 7 months old he was killed by the Silverback there when they tried to introduce them together....... :(

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