Wednesday, 31 October 2012

'Enchanted Forests' Exhibition at The Green Tree Gallery

One of my favourite galleries is running the most beautiful 'Enchanted Forests' Exhibition at the moment.
At The Green Tree Gallery in Borde Hill, Haywards Heath the exhibition is described as 'Of trees, birds, beasts and all things magical'. And truly it really is magical in there. All the pieces on show are really up my street, full of rich greens and intricate details with little hints of shimmer reminiscent of dappled light through the forest trees. I felt completely engulfed in the beauty of nature when I was there - it really is a treat!


These painting are by Bleau Shanay-Hudson who besides having one of the best names, creates these stunningly textured paintings of trees. Seriously if I could afford them I would of bought them all! I love the gnarly twisted nature of the trees, some just black silhouettes like they have been struck by lightning!

My dear friend and mentor Victoria Lovell (who by the way runs the gallery) really down sized her clay sculptures for this exhibition and made some of the cutest little sculptures of hares, badgers and bears! If you zoom in on this picture look closely at the fox on the left - there is the sweetest mouse just on his ear!! And Mr. Fox is just looking up and his expression is amazing!!! She is so smart the way she makes her creatures so expressive.

I have some of my pieces there too as part of the exhibition and you can see on the table my Snuggle Dishes and New Butterfly and Leaf Bowls. I don't think I have put much info out there yet about the Butterfly/Leaf Bowls but let me tell you I have recently become obsessed about making butterflies! It is ridiculous!  The amount of little tiny butterflies I have been creating - my studio is starting to look like one of those Butterfly Worlds you can visit!

I know my readers are spread out all about the place but if you are or know someone who is about West Sussex and the Haywards Heath area the exhibition runs 13th October- 11 November at

The Green Tree Gallery
Borde Hill Garden
Haywards Heath, West Sussex
RH16 1XP

Oh they have recently got themselves a Facebook page and that is here

Obviously I am biest but it's a lovely place to visit with top notch contemporary art and the 'Gallery Gals' who run it are fabulous!