Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Thankfully things have calmed down a bit for me now, what with the Open Houses being over and Henfield Gardens & Arts now fully recovered from (seriously it took me about a week to feel normal again!)

So I'm just focusing on making for my next exhibition - The Southern Ceramics Group at Chichester Cathedral and stocking up galleries and keeping the online stores ticking along.

So with this much needed down time I have been able to enjoy alot more of my walks and wanders about.

There are perfect walks around where I live- downs, rivers, woods, fields, so I can pick where I go depending on my mood. 
I love times like this , I spend most my days in the studio making, going out for a walk and coming back home again to carry on with whatever it was I was doing. The weather has just been marvellous too but I wouldn't mind what the weather was like, I'll go in the rain too.

Here are some photos from a recent jaunt of things that caught my eye

Lilly pads on the local pond!

A rather interesting little critter

Dried out Seed heads (literally drooling....)

Splendidly chopped logs

Ahh bliss....

Hidden bridge

Red Campions and Nettles

What a view

Cows! (really beautiful cows as well)

Groovy seed pods

A huge and old Ash tree - with a hollow trunk

Mighty Oak

Bunny Heaven

And the most pom pom-y rose like poppies I've ever seen!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Open House

If you would of asked me if I wanted to let loads of people, I didn't know, inside my house, to come and view and comment on my very humble garden, I think I would of run screaming to the hills.

But strange enough that is what I did last weekend, as part of Henfield Gardens & Arts Festival.

To limit the pressure (or maybe add to it, I don't know ) I invited 8 artist friends of mine to come join me and exhibit their work in my garden and front room.

And you know what? I ended up loving it!

It was really fun, met loads of fascinating people, the artworks looked awesome and through sales of artworks and donations we raised some much needed money for some fabulous charities!

Here are some of the pieces we had on display....

Butterflies by Paul Cox

Poppy and Seed heads by Paul Cox

Badger by Victoria Lovell

Hares by Victoria Lovell

Rusty Fern by Chris Burchell Collins

Multi Pod by Paul Cox

Flowers by Chris Burchell Collins

Angels by Paul Cox

Dragon Fly by Paul Cox

Hens by Victoria Lovell

Floral Panels By Cat Brown (Cat's Ceramics)

We had stunning collections in the house too....

Paper clay Porcelain by Tamar Rose (left) and Stoneware Ceramics by Helen Lucas (right)

Jewellery by Katherine Lawrie


Ceramics by yours truly...with attractive cat tower.....

Stoneware and Porcelain by Menear Ceramics

The sense of being part of the community was great and I got to show off a lot of people artist's work that I really admire.

The real stars of the show though were most definitely the bunnies......

People came to see the garden and art but I think they may of loved the bunnies most :)