Tuesday, 29 April 2014

It's that time of the year again.....Brighton & Hove Artist's Open Houses!!

For the month of May amazing artists and makers all over the Brighton & Hove area open up their own doors and invite in guest artists to display their work amid the friendly setting of their own homes. Making a wonderfully creative 'pop up' gallery!

I love being involved with this festival, it's one of the reasons I love living where we do.

It's just a hugely friendly, creative and inspiring place to be and a warm welcome is guaranteed to await you (especially at the houses my work is in!)

Find out loads more at - http://www.aoh.org.uk/may-2014-festival-home

I've got a whole mix of different pieces at each different venue as I was well aware I didn't want people to be seeing the same things all over the place and getting bored.
Many pieces are exclusive to specific houses so just because you've visited one doesn't mean you've seen all Cat's Ceramics has to offer for the festival.

I've even managed to crank out many brand spanking new designs also.

Here's just a quick peek - 

To get a better view this is where you'll find them (please visit the website for opening times) :-

This is a brand new house to me but now in it's third year of opening. With a wonderfully sophisticated collection of artist's work


Brand spanking new house opening for it's very first time in Hove with ceramics and engravings, photography and jewellery to name but a few - also helping to raise money for Friends of Sussex Hospice

The Cicada House is part of the The Fiveways Artists Group who were the first group of artists to open their houses to the public, pioneered by Ned Hoskins back in 1981. 


And I'm thrilled to be back at Sixes & Sevens on the Seven Dials Trail. A beautifully gorgeous house in a great location full of charming art, gifts and home wares.

Seriously worth a visit to any of the houses if your local to Brighton and Hove, heck even if your not, come on down here at the weekend and get involved in a wonderfully inspiring and imaginative event ! Hopefully the weather will be good and you can have fish and chips on the pier!