Thursday, 31 May 2012

Laura Ashley Dresses

I hope everyone had a great weekend and are enjoying the week so far!
I'm looking forward to my first day off since April at the weekend-I tell you what-I'm sleeping in and having the laziest day! :)

See it's a busy job this artist lark, and people think we just swan about in our Laura Ashley dresses being all dreamy and creative ;) But you have to work hard, really hard sometimes.

I have been glazing this week and have got the kiln on as I write. Mostly new glaze testers and some first attempts at some brand new pieces.

Any guesses what these might turn out to be?

I'm also preparing for Parham House Garden Weekend which is a big local event at the beginning of July set in a gorgeous Elizabethan Estate. The whole weekend is dedicated to everything gardening and outdoorsy so my mind is wandering to all thing handy for the garden.

The plant markers and garden stakes I already make are a given and I was thinking of making some little bird baths/feeders that'll be really cute. Oh and these garden stakes will be coming. They always make me laugh!

I love the idea of a really angry gnome guarding his patch! Maybe nipping people's heels when they walk by! :)
I was thinking maybe doing personalised stakes for people if they prove popular.
What saying or phrase would you like to see on a stake for your garden?


  1. The new batch of creations look like they might be chopstick rests. Am I right?

    How I wish the perception of floaty dresses and minds were true. It seems the more an image is idealised, the more the reality is the opposite!

    No matter; keep up the hard work and I hope you have a good weekend :)

  2. Hey Cat, sounds like you are super busy! Best of luck with the up and coming shows. I know preparing for them is quite a job. Love the garden gnome sign!

  3. I love the 'Shhh...fairies sleeping' sign! And also the gnome one! Best of luck for the show, hope you get good weather for it!

  4. Thanks so much for your comments all! You're right Bella, they are chop stick rests and will be matched with my new sushi trays when they are ready! The sushi trays are made using Ryn's stamp and I can't wait to have them completed! I am praying for at least a half decent summer here in England-I'll have to keep everything crossed ;) x