Monday, 26 August 2013

Floral Panels

Due to a recent copyright infringement case that is going on at the moment the shine has slightly been taken off my Floral Panels for me. It's funny how someone copying your work can do that for you!

Though I can't say much about it I just have to reiterate that these pieces are my own original creation that I invented and any copies wherever seen are a poor imitation and they're production and distribution are prohibited by law. 

What is it that McCoys says? 
"Accept No Imitations"

These here are the real deal

Anyway moving swiftly on.... My Floral Panels have, in the mean time been busy out and about at some brilliant galleries and exhibitions.
There is a current selection at The Green Tree Gallery and Great Dixter House and Gardens.

My new adapted garden and outdoor versions are currently gracing Driftwood Garden as part of the Artwave Festival in Lewes and surrounding areas.

These outdoor versions were created to form a type of outdoor picture, a kin to hanging a lovely picture on the wall in your house and I thought why not have a similar thing outside in your garden?

They are such fun to make. I'm constantly on the look out for interesting finds. 

It makes sense to me to use natural plants and objects in my work and I grow of lot of the plants in the garden myself.
Using recycled materials like the recycled glass fits well too as I am very concious of the environment and try very hard to limit my negative impact as much as possible.

I never take more than I need and always prefer to use dead and already dying plants rather than ending they're life cycle prematurely. I feel it is my duty to grow a lot myself to offset the ones I find out in natural environments.

It still even now amazes me the natural beauty all around us. 
I fear alot of people go about they're daily lives and never really look closely at what is around them - a tiny flower with it's exquisitely folding petals or the leaves on that tree you walk by everyday. Have you ever noticed how unusual their shape is?

My hope is that these pieces inspire people to look at the natural world with kinder eyes and to cherish the natural beauty we have all around us.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013