Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Cat's Ceramics at Christmas

It seems unbelievable that it is that time of year again but the 'C' word (not that one naughty) is fast approaching.

To help get yourself in the Festive Spirit and buy some unique Christmas presents come and see me and my work at these wonderfully festive events :

16th & 17th Nov Weald & Downland Open Air Museum Christmas Market

23th & 24th Nov Petworth House Christmas Fair

30th Nov & 1st Dec, 7th & 8th, 14 th & 15 th December AOH Christmas Open House – Surf and Turf 

7th Dec Maker’s Boutique, Brighton

21st Dec Maker’s Boutique, Brighton

Full addresses can be found on my website

Friday, 25 October 2013

New Work on Etsy

I have had a thorough stock up of items available to buy in my Etsy Shop! Please go and have a look and tell me what you think please : )

Here is a taster for you.....

Modern Pottery Bowl Botanical Flowers Floral Ceramic Art Trinket Jewelry Ring Soap Dish Ideal Gift

I haven't got round to adding any news items on Folksy (not sure if I will before Christmas but here's hoping) so if you're used to using Folksy go on over and try Etsy instead. Particularly for your Christmas shopping (if you're doing that yet- is it too soon, I dunno?) as the selection of handmade and vintage goodness is unbelievable!

Here are just some of the shops I love over on the dark side - go on take a peek.......

Dastardly Daphne

Lorelei Fine Art Print

Caryn Drexl

P.S. 2 - FREE SHIPPING - Print Still Life Dead Bug Blue Green Beetle Pink Rose Fabric Spots Feathers Creepy Surreal Soft Nature

River Luna

Fox Illustration Painting - Watercolor Art - 11x14 Large Archival Print - Little Fox Leo by Marisa Redondo

Foxtail Creek Studio

Pincushion Felted Mushrooms in Heather Brown Nature Scene Desk Home Decor Wool Sculpture Made To Order

Rocky Top Print Shop

Maine Seascape, Landscape, Nature Wall Decor, Maine Coast, Ocean, Sea, Sunset, Coastal Beach Decor, Peaceful Art Print, 5x7 8x10 11x14 16x20


Miniature elf's baskets ,set of three, kitchen decor

Art de Limaginaire

Print of ART NOUVEAU Ad for Carriage Dealers for Philadelphia Exposition 1902---Alphonse Mucha --Featured in 10 Treasury Lists

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hairy Crawlies

As Autumn seems to be drawing in upon us I can't seem to quite let go of Summer yet and all the wonders it showed me. For this was my first Summer being able to enjoy my very own garden and it really has been magical.

With growing plants I have tried whenever possible to plant with wildlife and insects in mind and the amount of interesting caterpillars we have had in the garden has been wonderful! The majority of these I have never seen or maybe not noticed before and to think these fascinating creatures were happy to choose our garden as a place of residence, to seek shelter, eat yummy food and ultimately evolve into the amazing butterflies and moths they will become is truly heart warming.

We found a few of these little guys

Photo: Gary J Sibio
 Ruby Tiger Moth (I think)?

The garden was positively taken over my this lot! I had to be strict and only allow them the night scented stocks in the end....which they seemed very happy with surprisingly.

Large White Butterfly

Although you can barely see it , this was ID-ed as a Orange Tip Butterfly lava. Apparently you don't see them too often as they are cannibalistic and eat all the other Orange Tip caterpillars around!!

Can you spot it?

We saw a surprising number of these

Knot Grass Moth 

Which I thought were hilarious until I cam across this guy


Vapourer Moth 

Love him with his BA like hair tuffs!

Photo: Tristram Brelstaff

This is a Grey Dagger Moth Caterpillar which I spotted happily munching on a hawthorn.

You know how I love Hummingbirds right? They are so exquisite I often use them in my work. Well the biggest best-est surprise I had was a visit from a Hummingbird Hawkmoth!

It just fluttered by me on to the Verbena bonariensis, over on to the next patch of the stuff and off it went. 

Just flew away...

In case you've never seen one - this is what they look like


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Win a Bowl

This bowl to be exact

I'm holding a Give Away to win one of my 'Nu Mex' Bowls over on my Facebook page.

Just follow the link above and you could win this lovely handmade gold paisley and white bowl. Perfect for all sorts of things and being made with dining in mind it is completely food safe.

All you have to do is like, comment and share on the post pinned to the top of my Facebook page and one lucky person will be chosen at random.

Simples hey?

Oh and for an extra entry let me know what, if you won, would you use it for?

Friday, 13 September 2013

Tree Trunk Vase

These are my new Tree Trunk Vases

They come in a Standard size (about 20 high x 10 cm wide) and a Large size ( 26 x 11 cm)

The large one comes with two little owls snuggled on the branch.

How cute!

They are textured using real trees with some delicate hand etching adding details

The insides are glazed in bright contemporary colours, blue, yellow and limey green

Being stoneware fired they are strong and completely water tight so can be used for all types of flowers

Very organic looking and each one is different. They're a perfect mix of a sculptural piece that is completely functional

I won't be listing them on my online shops so if you'd like one please get in touch via email

Monday, 2 September 2013

Butterfly Obsession

I am clearly developing a butterfly obsession, so much so it is becoming all too clear and present in my ceramic work.

I couldn't be happier with this, they are beautiful creatures and I love them. We have loads in the garden at the moment - more than I have ever seen and they flutter about so gracefully. I have tried to get some shots of them but they are too quick for me.

I did mange to get a sweet pic of a bumble bee - cobweb and all!

I do love all bugs really. They truly make a garden and seeing them warms the heart. They are mostly cabbage white types in the garden and they're babies are happy eating their way through my plants....

I would love to have my home full of loads of stunning butterflies along with subtle coloured moths but as that could end up being rather impractical I have instead made these butterfly inspired pieces to occupy your living space

Ceramic Butterfly Cups

Fluttery Lacy Porcelain Bowls

Lotus Blossom Butterfly Tableware

Monday, 26 August 2013

Floral Panels

Due to a recent copyright infringement case that is going on at the moment the shine has slightly been taken off my Floral Panels for me. It's funny how someone copying your work can do that for you!

Though I can't say much about it I just have to reiterate that these pieces are my own original creation that I invented and any copies wherever seen are a poor imitation and they're production and distribution are prohibited by law. 

What is it that McCoys says? 
"Accept No Imitations"

These here are the real deal

Anyway moving swiftly on.... My Floral Panels have, in the mean time been busy out and about at some brilliant galleries and exhibitions.
There is a current selection at The Green Tree Gallery and Great Dixter House and Gardens.

My new adapted garden and outdoor versions are currently gracing Driftwood Garden as part of the Artwave Festival in Lewes and surrounding areas.

These outdoor versions were created to form a type of outdoor picture, a kin to hanging a lovely picture on the wall in your house and I thought why not have a similar thing outside in your garden?

They are such fun to make. I'm constantly on the look out for interesting finds. 

It makes sense to me to use natural plants and objects in my work and I grow of lot of the plants in the garden myself.
Using recycled materials like the recycled glass fits well too as I am very concious of the environment and try very hard to limit my negative impact as much as possible.

I never take more than I need and always prefer to use dead and already dying plants rather than ending they're life cycle prematurely. I feel it is my duty to grow a lot myself to offset the ones I find out in natural environments.

It still even now amazes me the natural beauty all around us. 
I fear alot of people go about they're daily lives and never really look closely at what is around them - a tiny flower with it's exquisitely folding petals or the leaves on that tree you walk by everyday. Have you ever noticed how unusual their shape is?

My hope is that these pieces inspire people to look at the natural world with kinder eyes and to cherish the natural beauty we have all around us.