Monday, 17 December 2012

Last Minute Shopping?!

**There is still time for last minute Christmas Shopping at Cat's Ceramics**

There are lots of great items available to buy on My Folksy Shop and Etsy Store including

 Frost Proof Garden Markers

Little Leaf Bowls available in three different colours

And Unique Hand Built Tableware

For UK buyers order on or before Wednesday 19th December for delivery in time for Christmas! 

Items are dispatched within 24 hours and send First Class to zoom their way to you in time for the Big Day!

If you would like items send to the gift recipient direct just write their address in the 'message to buyer' section at checkout.

Last posting dates for Europe and International buyers has past unfortunately but orders placed after the last posting dates will still be processed and send but delivery in time for Christmas cannot be guaranteed. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What You Sow

I don't think I have introduced you to one of my new online stockists yet?
What am I doing.......? Seriously slacking that's what!

Whatyousow is a brand spanking new online shop full of lovely gardening things for the creative gardener.

Based in our fabulous Brighton, lovely Lyndsey has personally sourced, design led quality handmade items with many from small and independent business. She's got a real keen eye for fun and inspirational products that the green fingered amongst us will definitely appreciated and put to bleeming good use!

Image of Cute Plant Markers by Cat's Ceramics (set of 4)
Currently my

Cute Plant Markers by Cat's Ceramics (set of 4)

 are stocked and available to buy among many other unique gardening beauties such as these gorgeous

Foraging Ants Organic Cotton Tea Towel by Space 1a

Image of Foraging Ants Organic Cotton Tea Towel by Space 1a(click on the pictures and you will be magically transported there)

They ship all over the UK and EU, this may unfortunately disappoint my international readers but hopefully in the future they maybe sent further a field. If there is something you see that you like maybe give Lyndsey a email and see what she can do.....
There are so many diverse products on the site, items to furnish your house, to adorn yourself (I am personally
lusting after this -

Home Grown Flower Brooch by Just Trade

Image of Home Grown Flower Brooch by Just Trade

Many books on gardening, tools for the garden and the most beautiful writing sets imaginable, like this one - 

Botanicals Stationery Set by Rifle Paper Co.

Image of Botanicals Stationery Set by Rifle Paper Co.

Really practical and useful products as well as dreamy gorgeous 'I want' kind of gifts. Perfect for Christmas presents and treat your self gifts.
It's basically your one stop online gardening shop and I for one am grateful someone curated such a wonderful collection of like minded products to browse and buy in one easy place.

Oh and if your thinking 'I don't have a garden, it's not really my thing' let me tell you there are many things on there for those that don't have gardens or are just dipping there toe in the metaphorical garden pond. As What You Sow states in their Inspiration "What you sow emerged from a life-changing love of gardening and a desire to help people introduce more greenery into their lives." Whether it be a all out amazing garden dream or a 

Allotment Postcarden by Another Studio

Image of Allotment Postcarden by Another Studio

We could all do with a bit more greenery in our lives......

Go on take a look around


Friday, 23 November 2012

Black Friday Madness

I have lost my mind and am, in the cheer of Black Friday having a sale over on my Etsy Store!
Just enter BLACKFRI15 to receive 15% all purchases!!

Just for today only ! You lucky lot! :) Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Life Lately......

Has been busy. It's that time of year again and everything is ago. I think I am just about getting into the Christmas spirit and teasing the Scroogy other half that I'm going to put the tree up already. We have compromised and agreed to the 1st December...

I must confess I did buckle in the end and made a few Christmas decorations. I figured it was quite a good excused to try out some ideas I have been wanted to do. They are nothing special but will be coming around with me to all the fairs and exhibitions I am doing around Christmas.

Speaking of which here is all the events that will be keeping me busy up until Christmas. My last day of work will be the 23rd December and I'm sure I will be pretty exhausted by then!
Working all weekends I'm going to try and steal some days off in the week but I have a feeling this probably won't happen...

Cow Shed Studio Christmas Exhibition
24 th November - 9th December
Weekends only 11 am - 5 pm
Cow Shed Studio
Washington Road, Steyning
West Sussex, BN44 3DA

Artist's Open Houses (Brighton and Hove)
Christmas Exhibition 2012
Weekends 1st/ 2nd Dec 8th/ 9th Dec 15th/ 16th Dec
11 am - 5 pm
Surf and Turf (No. 8 in the brochure)
38 Braemore Road
Hove, BN3 4 HB

The Maker's Boutique
Saturday 1st December 11 - 5pm
Brighton Unitarian Church
New Road
Brighton, BN1 1UF

Bartie's Boutique
Saturday 8th December 10 - 4 pm
Lime Cafe, St. Pauls
Chapel Road
Worthing, BN11 1EE

Bartie's Boutique
Saturday 15th December 10 - 4 pm
Lime Cafe, St. Pauls
Chapel Road
Worthing, BN11 1EE

The Maker's Boutique
Saturday 22nd December 11 - 5pm
Brighton Unitarian Church
New Road
Brighton, BN1 1UF

Phew, makes me tired just looking at it! I'm very excited about the Open House I'm doing. It's at Emma Stanton house who's a fabulous jeweller and there's lots of great artists and makers there. All the weekend fairs I'm doing too should be fun! I love the crowd in Brighton and it's always a fun day out (even if it is is technically working).  I can't wait to chill abit though at Christmas and put my feet up. I'm looking forward to lots of booze and lovely food. It will be our first Christmas in our new house too! So exciting!
It's those little things that make this time of year so special. What are you looking forward to most this year for Christmas?

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

'Enchanted Forests' Exhibition at The Green Tree Gallery

One of my favourite galleries is running the most beautiful 'Enchanted Forests' Exhibition at the moment.
At The Green Tree Gallery in Borde Hill, Haywards Heath the exhibition is described as 'Of trees, birds, beasts and all things magical'. And truly it really is magical in there. All the pieces on show are really up my street, full of rich greens and intricate details with little hints of shimmer reminiscent of dappled light through the forest trees. I felt completely engulfed in the beauty of nature when I was there - it really is a treat!


These painting are by Bleau Shanay-Hudson who besides having one of the best names, creates these stunningly textured paintings of trees. Seriously if I could afford them I would of bought them all! I love the gnarly twisted nature of the trees, some just black silhouettes like they have been struck by lightning!

My dear friend and mentor Victoria Lovell (who by the way runs the gallery) really down sized her clay sculptures for this exhibition and made some of the cutest little sculptures of hares, badgers and bears! If you zoom in on this picture look closely at the fox on the left - there is the sweetest mouse just on his ear!! And Mr. Fox is just looking up and his expression is amazing!!! She is so smart the way she makes her creatures so expressive.

I have some of my pieces there too as part of the exhibition and you can see on the table my Snuggle Dishes and New Butterfly and Leaf Bowls. I don't think I have put much info out there yet about the Butterfly/Leaf Bowls but let me tell you I have recently become obsessed about making butterflies! It is ridiculous!  The amount of little tiny butterflies I have been creating - my studio is starting to look like one of those Butterfly Worlds you can visit!

I know my readers are spread out all about the place but if you are or know someone who is about West Sussex and the Haywards Heath area the exhibition runs 13th October- 11 November at

The Green Tree Gallery
Borde Hill Garden
Haywards Heath, West Sussex
RH16 1XP

Oh they have recently got themselves a Facebook page and that is here

Obviously I am biest but it's a lovely place to visit with top notch contemporary art and the 'Gallery Gals' who run it are fabulous!

Friday, 28 September 2012

It's a GIVE AWAY!!!

I thought it was really about time I had a Give Away over on my facebook page to thank everybody for all the support and encouragement I receive from all you lovelies.
My blog followers are absolutely brilliant, giving me helpful insights and inspiration every time I post. And I really appreciate the encouragement and comments you give me x

I would love for you to enter my giveaway and all you have to do to bee in with a shot of winning is toddle on over to my facebook page -

leave a comment, share and like either through your personal profile or your business page (both would count as an entry each) and one lucky person will be chosen at random (probably with help from the bunnies again) to win this red leaf bowl!

Good Luck everybody and thank you so much!!
Oh and if you want to share this Give Away on your blogs let me know and that will count as another entry!! :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Little Leaf Bowls in Green!

 I just had to share with you this pretty sight as I opened the kiln from it's latest firing....

 Loads of little leaf bowls all jumbled together. In reds, blues and new glaze colour bright green!

I thought it about time to add a new splash of colour to my leaf bowls and what with Christmas coming soon and them being leaves and that, a funky acid green just had to join the mix! 

These leaf bowls get so many uses. Some of my customers use theirs to sit a candle in, others use them as rings and jewellery dishes. Some have them just as pretty objects to enjoy!

How would you use one as and what do you think of the new colour?
I'd love to hear your comments.

Thanks x

Friday, 7 September 2012

Oh my gosh.... has it been that long?

I had no idea it had been that long since I have posted! I thought ooh I'd better do a post for the blog and then I realised it has been a whole month since I was last here!!


I am ashamed and sorry for being such a slothenly blogger. I suppose I'd better explain myself and do a little bit of a catch up of what I have been up to lately....

Well where do I start? Since last time I posted I did my first Makers Boutique in Brighton on the 11th August.

The Makers Boutique is a great monthly market set in the heart of Brighton and run by the loveliest ladies Katy and Hannah. It's on every first Saturday of the month and my first time there was really great and I had a lovely time! Most of the regular Makers selling their wares are full time artist and crafters so the standard is high and really professional. I'm am so looking forward to doing more of those and I'm now booked in for the November and Christmas dates! Yes I said that word!

I am now having to properly sit and really plan for Christmas and what I am going to be making. I don't know about you guys that make but I was thinking this year of not making any specific Christmas pieces at all and just sticking to my usual ranges. Do you think that is a good idea? Or potential Christmas season suicide? I usually have to really squeeze out ideas for decent Xmas themed items and I'm never particularly pleased with the results. I think my usual pieces are better this year to, so hopefully good enough to see me though the season without having to making clay hanging hearts and such like..

Artwave started on the 25th August.

This is the second year I have had my work at Robin Shell's Open House as part of Artwave 2012 and it is always such a joy and a honour to be part of. Robin is one of those amazingly organised and constructive people planning and catering to ensure the best is brought out of the event. The house looks amazing full of great art including paintings, jewellery, silk painting, driftwood art works and ceramics of course. I will be ushering there this Sunday so if you or anyone you know is about the Seaford/ Lewes area let them know - this the house to visit! And come and say 'Hi!' There are many other houses open to the public and bursting with fabulous art works. Check out for more info.

In case that wasn't enough to keep me occupied this month I exhibited and demonstrated at Amberley Working Museum as part of their Food and Craft Festival
That was a bit of a wash out day and not very good for sales or people being around in general but I met some lovely people and gave out some cards. Such is the roundabout of these things.

Getting ready for the lots of making I will be doing soon I cleaned out the studio and got it back to some vague recollection of order.

This is very tidy for me ;)

I'm also in the process of securing a rather large wholesale order for my pieces which will hopefully be completed by the end of October which is very exciting!

 Oh and all this has been going on in between viewings for houses! Yes we are looking to move house! So very exciting and kind of challenging it seems at the moment. Trying to find a house that fills all we need, a place for me to work in, a landlord that likes cats, accepts the four bunnies, a good garden for me to grow things in (needed for work you see too, so extremely vital ;)  and a place to house the orchids, house the bunnies, house us, house the packing boxes, house the kiln...and all this within budget......

Our fingers are crossed x

We've also got a crazy randy bunny running around at the moment trying to build spectacular nests for her phantom pregnancies! We will have to get her done! Fabulous madness....

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Brighton Gallery!

I am proud to announce that Cat's Ceramics has got themselves a new stockist!
Bellis Gallery is a beautiful gallery in the buzzing South Lanes of Brighton, East Sussex.


It is run by some lovely people and I'm so excited my work is in a gallery in Brighton!
Right near the seafront and in the trendy Lanes which is full of artsy loveliness. Bellis showcases other well know artists and ceramicists who's work I know and admire - so good things! :)

Here are a few pieces of mine they have in stock....


Set of Three Snuggle Dishes impressed with magnolia, black slip and recycled glass.

Iridescent Sea Shells

Original One of a Kind 'Tree of Life' Framed Tile
(this picture is quite deceptive-it is really very large!)

It feels very proper that I have my work in such a great gallery. It's these little things that make me realise that I am actually doing- I am actually an artist! Sometimes it's hard and it can be stressful putting yourself out there with the fear and worry but gosh it's fun and I am loving every minute!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Poetry Bird Feeder / Bath

Here are some close ups and generally better pictures (the lasts ones where taken on my phone) of the Poetry Bird Feeders / Baths I briefly showed a picture of last time. Your comments were lovely and I'm glad people are liking them. At Parham House and Gardens early this month they were proving popular and I now have a couple stocked at the Green Tree Gallery in Borde Hill.

They are inscribed with poems that are sweet and beautiful, full of bird song and spirit. Perfect for use in a garden full of life! And with this long a waited lovely weather we are getting in the UK- utterly perfect!

This one is inscribed with the first verse of the poem by Emily Dickenson. 


Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

I thought those words so very fitting.... There are other poems on others with birdy garden inspired sayings and poetry.

Pooled in the middle is my trusted and well used recycled glass. This green and white mix is vibrant and fresh and I also have ones with cool blues and turquoise and some with little hints of purple and amber within them.

The underside is impressed with an interesting leaf from the garden (I couldn't just leave it blank!) And all the fixtures are strong galvanised steel chain and each come with a large hanging hook.

Perfect for dangling tucked away on a tree branch-so very inviting!

As with all my pieces they are stoneware fired so durable and easy to clean. They are frost proof and can be used in the garden all year round. If I were a bird I'd definitely have a little dip of my toe in there!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Parham House and Gardens Garden Weekend

Apologies for being so quiet lately-I strangely haven't been in much of a talking mood. Do you ever get that yourself? All through my life words have often failed me and it seems as I get older they don't work for me even more so. I wish I could be more like someone like Stephen Fry or such who has such a good way with words and expresses themselves in such an elegant and interesting way. I guess that's one of the reason I do a job that gladly doesn't rely on words very much. Things have been kind of busy. I guess it's better to be busy than have nothing to do at all. Here is some of what I have been up to lately.

Parham's Garden Weekend, the weekend before last was really good fun. Here are some pictures of my stall there

Not the best picture of them but those green leafs are brand new bowls with little butterflies and dragonflies just resting on them 

The Garden Markers were popular and sold well- 'No Snails Allowed' were peoples favourites-if only snails could read!

Poetry Bird Feeders I was talking about- they are inscribed with poems by Emily Dickenson and 'Wings' by Victor Hugo

 The stall was decorated with fern leaves I brought from home- I love ferns (if you can't guess)

Last Saturday I was at Barties Boutique in Worthing selling me wears. It was Bartie's first birthday too and as a not for profit outfit Barties have raised £900 for Cancer Research! Isn't that great?!

I hope everyone has a great week ahead-Gosh I hope the weather cheers up too! 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

I was going to write a rather wordy ( well for me anyway ;) post describing my love and the debt I owe to my local landscape where I wonder regularly and gain such huge inspiration for my ceramic work and for my well... life in general really.

Sullington Warren is a National Trust owned (woop woop the National Trust!!) rare heath land full of majestic Scots Pine and delicate purple and white heather. You will often find me there taking in it's natural beauty, in ore of the wonderfulness that surrounds me. I am lucky too cause I can go there whenever I like as my garden backs on to it and all I have to is go through the gate to get in there!

But I figured a picture says a thousand words and here are some I took on a recent walk about there.
Maybe these photos explain a little bit as to why my work is like it is and where some of my inspiration comes from.
It's funny pieces and the things I create can never be as beautiful as what is already created right here...