Saturday, 27 August 2011

Phew! And Breath.......

After an exhausting week of far too much work and very little sleep I finally managed to get everything ready for Art Wave Open Houses 2011! Everything was made, glazed, preped, priced, photoed and packed and amazingly with out too many stressed out screams!

There is so much to get done before a show it is staggering!  And there's this annoying habit of once you think you are on track and you contemplate breathing a well deserved sigh of relief another little fiddly  task pops up that then creates a whole list the length of your arm of twiddly, fiddly, forehead tapping, pain in the behind, really could do without kind of tedious jobs!

Just when you think "I give up! It's not worth the hassle!" it suddenly all comes together and everything looks amazing and the sense of accomplishment floods you.
I am really pleased with what I have produced and at the preview party last night people made such lovely comments and showed such genuine interest.

If you can give us a visit! It is a beautiful house packed full of brilliant top quality work from many local artist and makers.  There is some beautiful jewellery of vintage silver spoon bracelets and rings made by Liz Cottingham of Dizzy Daisy Designs and the hostess and host Robin and Mike are so welcoming and charming and for any proper music lovers Mike has a Rock and Roll shed in the garden stuffed with some of the coolest hippest vinyl you can buy!

'Wild Meadow' Ceramic Pendants

Come on down and make a day of it if you can, with lots of other Open Houses around Lewes District and Seaford centre itself to peruse - a good arty day out!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Candy Sweets.......

Being on the last stint of getting ready for Art Wave 2011 and Amberley next week I had to rush out a whole new batch of earrings realising I only had a handful left! Arrhh. This task of rushing out tiny mini sculptures of ladybirds, bees and stars is enough to drive even the most patient person to absolute insanity! Your hands seem massive, you become a cumbersome giant and if I paint my fingers or drop one one more time I may just kill someone!!  Never the less they do end up looking so cute and charming painted all brightly in underglazes, reminding me of pick a mix from the sweet shop as a kid.....

 Those with keen eyes may notice a few Christmas puddings with handpainted red and green holly sprigs.....I know I know it's too soon but I just couldn't resist! :) Ding Dong Merrily........

Have you bought or made anything for Christmas yet?.....

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Featured on Folksy!

 Well this has put a smile on my face today! My toadstool brooch is on the front page of Folksy as one of their 'Featured Goods'!
I only have 2 left in stock and they are available to buy now!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Awwwww...............I'd like you to meet the newest member of the Reynolds Brown household, our own little Joey.......bunny!

He is only 11 weeks old and at the moment is going through being introduced to our older happily married couple of bunnies Toulouse and Jimi.  This is proving interesting......Introducing already established rabbits with a newbie can be a stressful time, lets just say I am grateful Jimi's teeth are so maloccluded he can't bite a sausage and Toulouse is too busy either eating or making eyes at this new rather handsome fellow to really care too much.  Having said that she did have a nip at him yesterday eve......typical women, huh?!

Jimi and Toulouse

He is proving to be a lovely little chap and we are so lucky to have stumbled across such a sweetheart who will I'm sure brings us loads of laughs and many cuddles......

Friday, 12 August 2011

Fabulous Folksy! The Wild and Wonderful!

In honour of a new little member of the family we brought home this week....(photo to come I promise), this weeks Wild and Wonderful from Folksy is inspired by those most cutest of creatures and all other lagomorphs......The Bunny Rabbit!!

 Carnaby Rabbit with basket of carrots Knitting Pattern PDF from Fluff and Fuzz

Little hare, big sky. Original silkscreen print (white) from Champignons

 Deluxe ears headband - long brown bunny ears or other woodland creature ears from Silly clothes for silly folk!

hand printed rustic boxing hares cushion from HELKATDESIGN

 Bert the Bunny from Top Sock Drawer

 Needle Felt Rabbit Brooch from Jellybean Jack

 Tin Can Rabbits from Louise Mackenzie

Will Alice follow the White Rabbit? from LaurasJewellery

Bunny on a Bobbin from flossie limejuice - designer maker

Saturday, 6 August 2011

This Week......

As again I have been working non stop this week busy making for some up coming shows and stocking galleries.  A few things that have gone out to places are my new recycled glass range 'Wild Meadows'

I really enjoy making these pieces as I feel very free and expressive when making these as with just a few simple ingredients of clay, all different arrays of plant matter and a rolling pin I can create beautiful unusual pieces that I myself would buy if I saw them on sale (that surprisingly is unusual for me with my own work!)

To get the impressions I simply roll the plant matter into the wet clay and I make up the designs on the spot and try not to think about it too long as I want each one to be unique and different.  I hunt around the garden or pick weeds from the side of the streets or sneakily nab bits when out on a walk.  I never take plants I shouldn't or take any more than I need. I find it a lovely way to get a really good look at my surroundings thinking of texture, shape and patterns.

My range includes coasters, plaques, display dishes, plates, trinket bowls, pendants and tags.
This coaster set in available to buy now at my Folksy shop.

 The recycled glass I use to decorate the surface pools and sinks into the dents and creates such wonderful effects that are different ever time I fire a piece.  This set remind me of a watercolour painting and the brown and turquoise look stunning together!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Date For Your Diary 'Art Wave 2011'

On the weekends from 27th August (including the bank holiday) until the weekend of September 11th the Art Wave Festival for the Lewes District is on and I am showing my work in a Open House of a lovely american lady and her very cool rock and roll hubby.
For those that don't know Art Wave is a fabulous art and creativity bonanza festival covering pictureque coastal towns of Seaford, Newhaven and rural areas of the Lewes District. In its 18th year and renowned for attracting radical thinking and being at the cutting edge of creativity,embracing individuality and diversity whilst holding onto traditional skills.
 Definitely one art festival not to be missed.

If you are around the area or know of someone who is please pass the word around and come and have a gander.
The house I am in is going to be packed full to the brim with work from 4 painters, 2 photographers, 3 ceramicists, 4 jewellery makers, 4 textile artist, a paper crafter, a rock and roll tent and if that's not enough there will be a masseur on hand to ease all tensions lovely darling....