Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Adventure Awaits

Welcome to SJ Egan-Fragment Designs, UM AMANTE DA NATUREZA, Thistle Bee Pottery and Jane and Chris! It's great to have you here!

I found this image on Pinterest and feel it sums up very well how I am feeling at the moment.
Last year being my first year trading was amazing! And this year I am so excited for what is to come......
Things are getting more established (I'm figuring out what I'm mean to be doing now ;) and there is so many exciting things a waiting in the pipe line.

I got my self some porcelain the other day ( with thanks to Rustic Vintage County *thank you*) and am going to have a play tomorrow-I can't wait!
Pictures will follow but for now here are a few porcelain pieces I have found which will be of great inspiration
(Click on image to be transported to their Etsy shop)

Textured Pottery Vase   White Ceramics Sculpture 

 Porcelain Tea light Delight - Candle holder N.1. Design by Wapa Studio.

Copper Blue Porcelain Urchin Bowl 

Porcelain Dish - 60-365 - Dish a Day Project

Aren't these just gorgeous......
My work and life is such a huge adventure right now, every day I am experience new and exciting things, exploring and discovering who I am as an artist and as a person really.
I feel the best way to live my life what ever I do is just to never stop exploring........

What adventures are you having?


  1. We are beginning to renovate/decorate our house. I've not yet decided whether it is an adventure or nightmare!
    Jane x
    PS The tea light holders are georgeous.

  2. Ok this is going to sound like a stupid question, but how do you get the pics from other peoples etsy site onto your blog? I've been trying and I just can't manage it!

  3. Cat, Thank you so much for featuring my porcelain Spiraling Vase ! Love Adventure Awaits. Heres to lots of magic in your journey.

  4. Good Luck with the adventure. It's difficult finding your feet but you sound like your getting there. Glad you got your porcelain :) My prob is my butterfly mind and liking and wanting to do so many things, I think I need to focus, haha!! I have an adventure coming up soon if this weather holds out....scream! It's my 1st anniversary pressy from OH which is a Hawk Walk with birds of prey and I can't wait, keep having to cancel though because the birds can't fly in the rain. This weekend??? rain/snow forecast :( Suzy x

  5. Thanks dear Cat for this beautiful post.
    I'm curious to see how your porcelain experience turns out. Keep me posted.
    Bon Voyage,
    Ady (Wapa Studio: www.wapa.etsy.com)

  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments x
    Jane and Chris-Redoing a house must be a nightmare! And how do your poor moggies cope!? If we so much as have the boiler guy round-they disappear and make us pay after!
    SJ Egan- If you right click on the image, then copy image and paste it into your post it seems to work. To create the link back to the listing, you can highlight the image and click link on the post header and copy the url into the box...hope this helps x
    Suzy-Wow you are so lucky!! That will be amazing! Do let us know if and when you get to go. My guy would love that...where is it?
    Wishing you all the best on your adventures x x

  7. Adventure awaits- yes! Do you fire your pottery in an electric kiln? If so, cone 6?

  8. Hi Cat, just a quick note to let you know I have nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award, for full details check out my blog! Suzy x

  9. Hi Amy. Yes all my work is fired in my electric kiln and I fire alot to cone 6.