Friday, 7 March 2014

Ceramics at the V & A

Last weekend we took a lovely London Get Away, visiting the opera (La Boheme - which, by the way was utterly AMAZING!) and checking out a few of the museums. We went to the Victoria & Albert Museum of course and spent rather a long time in the Ceramics section........

There was, to be fair an awful lot of what appear to be randomly selected pieces. Like an episode of 'The Hoarder Next Door'. And not enough cutting edge interesting things for my liking but a couple of pieces did catch my eye.

I stupidly didn't note down who the creators of the pieces or even what period they were from. So sorry about that.

This is a really old Chinese/Japanese dish and the detail and colours of the glazing is exquisite! (The photo doesn't do it justice) There is beautifully textured moss on the branches....I love moss....

This really interested me - I would loved to of seen it closer. Reminds me of a tree trunk

Curly swirly tile panel. 
I'm reading about Norse mythology at the minute and it makes me think of Viking decoration but it could well be Arabian or Middle Eastern. Great colour too!

Fascinating modern studio pottery. So sorry I didn't note the artist

I love the repeated pattern on this and black and white is always stellar!

Love the shape

Getting your five a day

Beautiful texture and detail on this one and it was very large and I imagine, very heavy

So bright and cheery and if I remember correctly was much older than the design and colours would suggest