Monday, 18 August 2014

Southern Ceramic Group Summer Exhibition at the Bishop's Kitchen Chichester Cathedral

During late July/August my work was part of the Southern Ceramics Group annul exhibition at Chichester Cathedral. I just want to share with you some picture I took ( I'll try to credit the artist who's work it is but I'm not sure I can remember everyone unfortunately ) ;-

Edward Chamberlain

Richard Hollingbery

Nancy Thompson

Margaret Newton

Sandie Dixon

Ruth Smart

Cat Brown (Cat's Ceramics)

Bekky May

Ollie Chappell

Rosemarie James

Cat Brown (Cat's Ceramics)

Me again!

Harriet Wesley

Jan Griffiths

April Stephenson

Menear Ceramics

Heather Muir

Leo Deville

Tony Thompson

Ian Harris

Kat Sedlackova

Brian Tew

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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Glazing Leaf Bowls in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1.
After making, leave to dry for approximately 1 week

Step 2.
Bisque Fire (approx. time till take out kiln 16 hours)


Step 3. 
Brush on glaze in 3 even coats

Step 4.
Wipe back glaze to reveal leaf veins

Step 5.
Stoneware Fire (approx. time till take out kiln 24 hours)

And VoilĂ !

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