Monday, 20 February 2012

What do you think?

Hello and welcome to Raquel, DiomoGlass, Gabi, Bella and krzysiek86! It is lovely to have you with us x

Last week was one of those weeks when things just wanted to be difficult and the clay would not do what I ask it!
I wanted to be having a play with my new porcelain but I noticed this fantastic plant we have at the front of the house was loosing it leaves and they are the most fantastic shape I thought I better use them before they disappear so I made these cute bowls.

Great shape aren't they but because of this great shape they are quite tricky to make...with the leaflet bits (lets call them that) cutting down so far into the main centre of the leaf, cracks appear very easily along this line and even once this is over come with special wizardry, I have discovered that through the drying process probably 80% of those made develop a horrible crack in the dead centre/base part (where the stem would be).  I can think of a few things I can do and change to over come these obstacles but my question is (and this where you guys come in) should I bother?
I make these leaf bowls already.

They're smaller and use leaves that are only around in the warmer months (so I can't make that many) but these guys behave themselves and look nice and I don't have to faff about too much to keep them in one piece.But what do you think? Should I try to master the tricky leaves or just stick to the simpler one? Oh and if you were to buy one which one would you prefer?

Friday, 10 February 2012

In the Mood For.......


With Valentine's Day on Tuesday, *nudge nudge if anyone forgot* today is the last day for me to get orders to you (within the UK) for the big day. So there is still time to grab a unique and individual handmade gift for your loved one.

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If you can't spoil them now, when can you?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, 6 February 2012

I got the Versatile Blogger Award!!

Thanks to Suzy from Rustic Vintage Country who awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award!! I am honoured and very thankful.....
The Versatile Blogger Award is a great way of sharing interesting blogs and getting people to know that little bit more about one another.

Rules for winning the Versatile Blogger Award are as follows:

Thank the Award giver and link back to them-Thank you Suzy! Your blog Rustic Vintage Country and the beautiful pictures you take are always a joy x

Nominate/award 15 other recently discovered blogs, let the nominees know they have been awarded and what to do next- This has proven difficult because I don't follow that many blogs and 15 was a lot for me to come up with! But I believe in quality not quantity and these blogs are class.....

Willow Tree Pottery - An amazingly creative potter who not just makes with clay but revamps existing objects and has great gardening tips.
No all those who wonder are lost - Beautiful beautiful.....
Shimmerlings Artisan Jewelry - Intricately hand crafted Artisan Jewellery inspired my magic and mystery.
Amy Huacani Pottery - A potter from North Carolina who is just setting up her new studio!
A Devonshire Pottery - A potter in Devon, England who posts regularly with quirky videos from inside his workshop.
Diomo Glass - Talented glass artist extraordinarre!
Veda's Beads - Great blog by a lamp work bead artist with fab features such as Motivation Monday.
"even artichokes have hearts" - A very versatile blog full of lovely photos and girly DIY.
The Smart Cat - Majolica, cats and even more.....
Colour of Calm - Beautiful colours and sweetly designed.
Bunny Approved Jewellery - Jewellery designer/maker with almost the most cutest house bunnies in the world!
Peter's Pottery - The most helpful, interesting and friendly pottery blog I have come across.
Sugar For My Honey - Sweet everydays of a creative 20 something in North Wales.
Quernus Crafts - The most amazing polymer clay miniature animals.
Letter Blocks Say What? - Full of fascinating stuff and awesome art.

Share 7 interesting facts about yourself that your readers may not already know-

  • I am ambidextrous
  • I think I could of been a tiger in a previous life
  • A dream of mine is to visit at least one country in every continent, so far I'm not doing so good
  • I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old
  • Noisy eaters drive me crazy!
  • Last year I found out I am allergic to dogs, cats and rabbits. I have a dog, two cats and three rabbits : P
  • I love music and have a very varied collection. Kate Rusby happily sits along side Rammstien!

And that's it :) Big thanks to Suzy and thanks to all the blogs mentioned for being great. It's now your turn to spread the love........

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fresh From The Kiln.....

Hello to adysh! 

A little snippet of some new bits out of the kiln this morning.

A dear friend of mine lent me some of her small letter word stamps. I have been hunting for ones just like this for ages with no avail! It is such a lovely font, quite rustic with a medieval slant. Perfect for the vibe of these newest pieces.

I really didn't want the wording to come across pretentious and these words just came to be when I was imprinting the individual detail. 

These will be going with me to the fair on Saturday- it's in Brighton in the Friends Meeting House if you are in the area.  I'd better start getting ready for it!!