Saturday, 6 August 2011

This Week......

As again I have been working non stop this week busy making for some up coming shows and stocking galleries.  A few things that have gone out to places are my new recycled glass range 'Wild Meadows'

I really enjoy making these pieces as I feel very free and expressive when making these as with just a few simple ingredients of clay, all different arrays of plant matter and a rolling pin I can create beautiful unusual pieces that I myself would buy if I saw them on sale (that surprisingly is unusual for me with my own work!)

To get the impressions I simply roll the plant matter into the wet clay and I make up the designs on the spot and try not to think about it too long as I want each one to be unique and different.  I hunt around the garden or pick weeds from the side of the streets or sneakily nab bits when out on a walk.  I never take plants I shouldn't or take any more than I need. I find it a lovely way to get a really good look at my surroundings thinking of texture, shape and patterns.

My range includes coasters, plaques, display dishes, plates, trinket bowls, pendants and tags.
This coaster set in available to buy now at my Folksy shop.

 The recycled glass I use to decorate the surface pools and sinks into the dents and creates such wonderful effects that are different ever time I fire a piece.  This set remind me of a watercolour painting and the brown and turquoise look stunning together!

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