Saturday, 27 August 2011

Phew! And Breath.......

After an exhausting week of far too much work and very little sleep I finally managed to get everything ready for Art Wave Open Houses 2011! Everything was made, glazed, preped, priced, photoed and packed and amazingly with out too many stressed out screams!

There is so much to get done before a show it is staggering!  And there's this annoying habit of once you think you are on track and you contemplate breathing a well deserved sigh of relief another little fiddly  task pops up that then creates a whole list the length of your arm of twiddly, fiddly, forehead tapping, pain in the behind, really could do without kind of tedious jobs!

Just when you think "I give up! It's not worth the hassle!" it suddenly all comes together and everything looks amazing and the sense of accomplishment floods you.
I am really pleased with what I have produced and at the preview party last night people made such lovely comments and showed such genuine interest.

If you can give us a visit! It is a beautiful house packed full of brilliant top quality work from many local artist and makers.  There is some beautiful jewellery of vintage silver spoon bracelets and rings made by Liz Cottingham of Dizzy Daisy Designs and the hostess and host Robin and Mike are so welcoming and charming and for any proper music lovers Mike has a Rock and Roll shed in the garden stuffed with some of the coolest hippest vinyl you can buy!

'Wild Meadow' Ceramic Pendants

Come on down and make a day of it if you can, with lots of other Open Houses around Lewes District and Seaford centre itself to peruse - a good arty day out!

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