Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Awwwww...............I'd like you to meet the newest member of the Reynolds Brown household, our own little Joey.......bunny!

He is only 11 weeks old and at the moment is going through being introduced to our older happily married couple of bunnies Toulouse and Jimi.  This is proving interesting......Introducing already established rabbits with a newbie can be a stressful time, lets just say I am grateful Jimi's teeth are so maloccluded he can't bite a sausage and Toulouse is too busy either eating or making eyes at this new rather handsome fellow to really care too much.  Having said that she did have a nip at him yesterday eve......typical women, huh?!

Jimi and Toulouse

He is proving to be a lovely little chap and we are so lucky to have stumbled across such a sweetheart who will I'm sure brings us loads of laughs and many cuddles......


  1. Ah wow! adorable little guys and girls, how did the bonding go? I have considered a third a few times where I've seen rescues going, but kinda don't want to rock the boat!

  2. Oh Gosh it has been rather difficult really. We are still at it! I think its the fact that they are a bonded pair. We have gone through so many stages and now we are at the stage of Jimi constantly trying to have a go at Joey....and Joey just wants to be friends....:(
    If there is no marked improvement by end Feb we are going to get little Joey a new friend and keep it as two couples....which isn't really a bad thing I guess as we get a new bunny!! Yey! But geez has been quite tricky...

  3. Yikes! Glad I haven't gotten a third now! Our two girls went for eachother when the hit puberty and Orla (the one in the pic on my blog) had to have her entire eyelid rebuilt! So I'm very wary of rocking the boat! I have heard of people having two bonded pairs and there are lots of rescues going that need homes, I wish we'd gotten rescues but I also love my girls so glad we got the ones we did :)

  4. Ooh poor Orla (great name :) Toulouse bit Joey's ears a couple of months ago. He had a hole right through it! Perfect for an earring! x