Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Thankfully things have calmed down a bit for me now, what with the Open Houses being over and Henfield Gardens & Arts now fully recovered from (seriously it took me about a week to feel normal again!)

So I'm just focusing on making for my next exhibition - The Southern Ceramics Group at Chichester Cathedral and stocking up galleries and keeping the online stores ticking along.

So with this much needed down time I have been able to enjoy alot more of my walks and wanders about.

There are perfect walks around where I live- downs, rivers, woods, fields, so I can pick where I go depending on my mood. 
I love times like this , I spend most my days in the studio making, going out for a walk and coming back home again to carry on with whatever it was I was doing. The weather has just been marvellous too but I wouldn't mind what the weather was like, I'll go in the rain too.

Here are some photos from a recent jaunt of things that caught my eye

Lilly pads on the local pond!

A rather interesting little critter

Dried out Seed heads (literally drooling....)

Splendidly chopped logs

Ahh bliss....

Hidden bridge

Red Campions and Nettles

What a view

Cows! (really beautiful cows as well)

Groovy seed pods

A huge and old Ash tree - with a hollow trunk

Mighty Oak

Bunny Heaven

And the most pom pom-y rose like poppies I've ever seen!

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