Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Open House

If you would of asked me if I wanted to let loads of people, I didn't know, inside my house, to come and view and comment on my very humble garden, I think I would of run screaming to the hills.

But strange enough that is what I did last weekend, as part of Henfield Gardens & Arts Festival.

To limit the pressure (or maybe add to it, I don't know ) I invited 8 artist friends of mine to come join me and exhibit their work in my garden and front room.

And you know what? I ended up loving it!

It was really fun, met loads of fascinating people, the artworks looked awesome and through sales of artworks and donations we raised some much needed money for some fabulous charities!

Here are some of the pieces we had on display....

Butterflies by Paul Cox

Poppy and Seed heads by Paul Cox

Badger by Victoria Lovell

Hares by Victoria Lovell

Rusty Fern by Chris Burchell Collins

Multi Pod by Paul Cox

Flowers by Chris Burchell Collins

Angels by Paul Cox

Dragon Fly by Paul Cox

Hens by Victoria Lovell

Floral Panels By Cat Brown (Cat's Ceramics)

We had stunning collections in the house too....

Paper clay Porcelain by Tamar Rose (left) and Stoneware Ceramics by Helen Lucas (right)

Jewellery by Katherine Lawrie


Ceramics by yours truly...with attractive cat tower.....

Stoneware and Porcelain by Menear Ceramics

The sense of being part of the community was great and I got to show off a lot of people artist's work that I really admire.

The real stars of the show though were most definitely the bunnies......

People came to see the garden and art but I think they may of loved the bunnies most :)


  1. I love your garden and everything in it, what a beautiful way to display, and you had the sun :) I wish I had known about this as I live in Sussex now (East), I would have visited. The bunnies are adorable to! xx

  2. Thanks Rosa Lily! I didn't know you lived so near! - hopefully next time (the festival happens every year) you can come and visit - it would be wonderful to meet you finally. Oh we must keep in touch as I'm always doing events around Sussex, maybe you could come to one of those. Sometimes I bring the bunnies too..... x x