Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hairy Crawlies

As Autumn seems to be drawing in upon us I can't seem to quite let go of Summer yet and all the wonders it showed me. For this was my first Summer being able to enjoy my very own garden and it really has been magical.

With growing plants I have tried whenever possible to plant with wildlife and insects in mind and the amount of interesting caterpillars we have had in the garden has been wonderful! The majority of these I have never seen or maybe not noticed before and to think these fascinating creatures were happy to choose our garden as a place of residence, to seek shelter, eat yummy food and ultimately evolve into the amazing butterflies and moths they will become is truly heart warming.

We found a few of these little guys

Photo: Gary J Sibio
 Ruby Tiger Moth (I think)?

The garden was positively taken over my this lot! I had to be strict and only allow them the night scented stocks in the end....which they seemed very happy with surprisingly.

Large White Butterfly

Although you can barely see it , this was ID-ed as a Orange Tip Butterfly lava. Apparently you don't see them too often as they are cannibalistic and eat all the other Orange Tip caterpillars around!!

Can you spot it?

We saw a surprising number of these

Knot Grass Moth 

Which I thought were hilarious until I cam across this guy

Photo: animalphotos.me

Vapourer Moth 

Love him with his BA like hair tuffs!

Photo: Tristram Brelstaff

This is a Grey Dagger Moth Caterpillar which I spotted happily munching on a hawthorn.

You know how I love Hummingbirds right? They are so exquisite I often use them in my work. Well the biggest best-est surprise I had was a visit from a Hummingbird Hawkmoth!

It just fluttered by me on to the Verbena bonariensis, over on to the next patch of the stuff and off it went. 

Just flew away...

In case you've never seen one - this is what they look like


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