Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Worthing Churches Homeless Project - Art Event 2013

Worthing Churches Homeless Projects kindly asked me to take part in their 'Art Event' as part of the Worthing Open Houses 2013

I am really thrilled to be part of such a interesting project where -

"Over 350 artists challenged the stereotypes attributed to homelessness by creating more than 400 portrait representing some of the 534 people Worthing Churches Homeless Projects work with in a twelve month period. They created these images from a brief, anonymous profile of a client drawing from details such as their hobbies and jobs."

I popped along the other day to see the display in all it's glory and it is wonderful to see such creativeness and diverse forms of expression created from a single brief anonymous profile. 

Hopefully you can see in this picture one artist used a mirror as his portrait which was rather a clear and punchy statement very in keeping with Worthing Churches Homeless Project aim of the event - 

"The aim of the project is to raise awareness by highlighting the significant number of people Worthing Churches Homeless Projects help in a twelve month period. Moreover, an illustrative project will demonstrate that a homeless person cannot be identified by their appearance and remind us that homelessness is something that can happen to anyone. In doing so the project aims to dispel the stereotypes attributed to homelessness."

It was nice to see how I would look with a full hairy beard too!

Another portrait that caught my eye (among many I must say) was this one

Created by Miss Venture (?) http://somewhatsketchy.blogspot.co.uk/.
The profile she received was - 

 Client 507

I am a 37 year old white, British woman and I have nowhere safe to sleep at night.

Not a lot to go on huh? But she brought life to this person. It's like I've seen this woman before, walking the streets. The expression on her face is such cold determination with the tiniest flashes of fear, like she has learnt to deal with this cruel scenario she finds herself in but it is not one where she will ever be comfortable. 

The artworks are on display

 22nd & 23rd June

29th & 30th June

6th & 7th July

At Offington Park Methodist Church, South Farm Road, Worthing, BN14 7TN

It will be an inspiring place for you to visit if you can get there to take a look around. It really got me thinking and questioning and wondering.

And one of the best things is - to raise money for the charity all artwork is up for silent auction with bids being taken throughout the exhibition. So you can even get an amazing piece of artwork at the end of it and help these people get their lives back on track.

I should probably divulge my contribution to the project really shouldn't I? 
This is the profile I received - 

 Client 372
I am a 25 year old white British man. I am living in hostel accommodation after leaving prison for driving under the influence. This was the worst decision I ever made; the accident caused a fatal injury. I was a teenager and went out with friends, had one too many and thought I was alright to drive. The time I spent in prison gave me time to really think over my life  and deal with the guilt. I am now ready to move on and adjust to life outside prison. The day centre is offering me temporary support while I wait for hostel accommodation. From there I hope to save up money for a flat deposit and go on to live a normal life.

I have to be honest when I read this profile I was a little dumb founded. To realised the person I was going to base a portrait on had killed someone shocked me and upset me and wasn't something I had thought I would have to deal with whist doing this project.
I'm glad I had to though and always a believer in good things coming out of bad,
this is what I came up with.....

It's rather eery don't you think?

I like that is came out looking rather androgynous, almost alien or angel like.
His eye is closed and the other covered and his lips pursed almost as if whispering or looking at it now like he's just exhaled, a sigh of relief..... 
The tear using glass was something I've been wanting to do for a while and those cracks came out perfectly I couldn't have wished for better. Like scars across a blemish free face....

I'm kind of sad to see him go as I would of loved to have kept him on my wall. 
But I'm glad someone will be taking him home with them. The current bid is for £20. 
I would love to for it to go higher and raise more for the charity. 

Art Event 2013

At Offington Park Methodist Church, South Farm Road, Worthing, BN14 7TN

 22nd & 23rd June

29th & 30th June

6th & 7th July

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  1. Wow... the profile you got left me gobsmacked! I thought mine was sad enough, but that one is shocking. What you did with it is absolutely wonderful. The expression on the face is just perfect.

    Photos never do these things justice but I'll look forward to seeing it in person this weekend - and thanks so much for mentioning mine too! xx