Friday, 26 July 2013

Dry Rock Hard Clay-ey Bloom

A few posts ago I took lots of pictures in the garden of my attempts at growing things in my first proper soil filled garden. (Goodbye growing EVERYTHING in a container  - even pumpkin and cucumbers one year!)

Needless to say things have really gotten going and Summer is well and truly here and in full bloom!

With it being so dry lately the rain yesterday was a welcome visitor. Even though only a visit it was. No thunderstorms and hail that others have spoken about. I am disappointed and so will the orchids be as they are dying of thirst and it's only rain water for these most spoilt of houseplants.
Did I ever mention that? I have a few tropical orchids I try to keep alive.... 27 to be exact.

No wonder my work is all about plants and nature. I'm basically trying to live in a jungle inside the house and out!

Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures - they are from my phone.....

As you can see the Hawthorn has lost all it's wonderful flowers and is now setting berries ready for the winter.

The borage that was tiny little sprouts before is now all grown up!

The 'Bee Beds' as I like to call them are filling out nicely. Full of lavender, gypsophila, verbena, borage, fennel and lambs tongue - the bees and butterflies can't get enough of 'em!


Looks like we may be getting some potatoes this year

I have never grown 'Honesty' before and had to look up what the plant itself looks like. And very sweet it is....

 The clematis looking divine!

Our very first cornflower! What a beautiful colour!


Our potted mini apple trees seem to be doing well. Though one of them did get a little bit of 'apple scab' but seems to be over it now. I can't wait to eat our very own home grown apples from them!

And the passiflora is flowering! So exciting!!

It's just all too exhausting for some..............

Are any of our readers keen gardeners or green fingered enthusiasts?
Do you have any growing sucesses you would like to share?


  1. Hi! head over to my blog for some good news :)

  2. That's wonderful news thanks Kate! (I've messaged you my address) x x

  3. You have a lovely garden, and that orchid is awesome! We have one and I didn't know it was supposed to have rainwater. I'm a very keen gardener and enjoyed the look around your garden, thanks!