Monday, 20 February 2012

What do you think?

Hello and welcome to Raquel, DiomoGlass, Gabi, Bella and krzysiek86! It is lovely to have you with us x

Last week was one of those weeks when things just wanted to be difficult and the clay would not do what I ask it!
I wanted to be having a play with my new porcelain but I noticed this fantastic plant we have at the front of the house was loosing it leaves and they are the most fantastic shape I thought I better use them before they disappear so I made these cute bowls.

Great shape aren't they but because of this great shape they are quite tricky to make...with the leaflet bits (lets call them that) cutting down so far into the main centre of the leaf, cracks appear very easily along this line and even once this is over come with special wizardry, I have discovered that through the drying process probably 80% of those made develop a horrible crack in the dead centre/base part (where the stem would be).  I can think of a few things I can do and change to over come these obstacles but my question is (and this where you guys come in) should I bother?
I make these leaf bowls already.

They're smaller and use leaves that are only around in the warmer months (so I can't make that many) but these guys behave themselves and look nice and I don't have to faff about too much to keep them in one piece.But what do you think? Should I try to master the tricky leaves or just stick to the simpler one? Oh and if you were to buy one which one would you prefer?


  1. My own preference is the bottom ones..they seem gentler and softer.
    Jane x

  2. Hello and thanks for the personal greeting ....

    Think the new leaves are really decorative and would probably choose one of the new bowls.

    They look a little like maple leaves. Those I have in the garden.

    It's probably hard to do something about the cracks, they're thinner where the stem is. Perhaps the very slow drying will reduce the incidence of cracks.

    Good luck

  3. I love both designs, but I always choose the most unusual of "anything" so the top one for me as it has the most detail xx

  4. I like them both, but probably the new ones a little more and especially if they are bigger, more practical uses then.

  5. I roll a very thin coil and put it in the center vein and any others that are deep.

  6. I think they are both great but my favorite would be the bottom leaves.

  7. I like the top ones aesthetically, but see the bottom ones might be more practical. (Isn't it always the way?) After trying my hand again with clay I can only look in wonder at your smooth beautiful work.

  8. Thanks all for your very helpful comments- I really appreciate it.
    I have be beavering away lately trying to get through my huge making work load and have had to leave the making of more leaf bowls to later on, but I think I will give the new ones another try shortly....thanks x