Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fresh From The Kiln.....

Hello to adysh! 

A little snippet of some new bits out of the kiln this morning.

A dear friend of mine lent me some of her small letter word stamps. I have been hunting for ones just like this for ages with no avail! It is such a lovely font, quite rustic with a medieval slant. Perfect for the vibe of these newest pieces.

I really didn't want the wording to come across pretentious and these words just came to be when I was imprinting the individual detail. 

These will be going with me to the fair on Saturday- it's in Brighton in the Friends Meeting House if you are in the area.  I'd better start getting ready for it!!


  1. They are gorgeous, but I have to say that "peace" is my absolute favourite.
    Jane x

  2. I love the colours you used here, really beautiful work :)

  3. Nice use it so appropriately with your work. Toes crossed for an excellent show!

    My word verification is felenti, is that a plural for feline?

  4. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate hearing what others think of new work as being makers yourselves, you probably know, it is hard to see your work for what it really is sometimes as you are so close to it. None of them sold at the show at the weekend! But I'm doing another this Saturday so hopefully that should be good x

    Smartcat- I'm not sure what felenti means but the same night I read your comment I passed a restaurant with that as it's name! How weird?!

  5. Reading blog posts from awhile ago... those are beautiful! What kind of stain did you use in the lettering- the brown? Thanks for the blogger award!

  6. Hi Amy!
    The brown stain I was given from another potter who sadly died and she had tonnes of the stuff that I think she made herself. I dread to think what I will use when it runs out!
    Glad to see you workshop setting up is going well :) x