Wednesday, 11 January 2012

And We're Back!

In the Studio........

Allow me to introduce you to Reg. Reg has changed my life. I love Reg........
Reg is my new Rolling out Table. I was given him as a Christmas gift from my friends and family (they all clumped together, bless) to save my back, my arms and many many hours rolling out clay slabs with shear force and just a little rolling pin! 

He is going to make such a difference to the way I can work from now on. I used to have to roll everything out by hand on a single board with just a rolling pin...not the easiest thing to do, and very time consuming. Gone are the days of back ache and painful hands. Hello perfect equal thickness clay slabs days!

I can feel the sun shining already and here's thanks to Reg for letting me have more time to do the proper stuff of actually making things out of clay!

I wasted no time in giving him his first run out and have been making more rustic plant markers and some new designs coasters.

 I've had a lovely two weeks off with lots of fun and some well need rest.
But it is great to be back getting my hands dirty again..........


  1. Oh Wow, Reg is my kinda man. What a gift, I can tell how excited you are. Happy Rolling. Suzy

  2. Oh you are lucky! I do pottery on a Tuesday night in an adult education place and rolling out slabs is a killer on the arms!