Sunday, 10 July 2011

Fabulous Folksy! The Wild and Wonderful!

In order to do something useful with my new Folksy obsession every couple of weeks or so I will show case a collection of the most amazing, wacky and brilliant hand crafted wonders I come across on Folksy.
Alot already do a similar thing (must be as obsesses as I :) but mine will be slightly different in the way that it will be unusual, quirky and truly genius things that people have created from the corners of their mind that appears no one else had ever thought of.

These are the Wild and Wonderful from Folksy!
In my opinion these marvels need be celebrated, congratulated and admired for the truly geniusness that they are!  I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think x

This week is the turn of Fabulous Fabric!

Cherry Topped Cupcakes from The Shabby Tiger

Sweet Grey Squirrel from Little Felted Friends

Knit Your Own Hungry Desk Worm from Butterfly Love

Crochet Trinket Pot from Elvira Jane

Pretty Little Ledge Lady from Sandra June Originals

Cat - Elvis from Mrs Moo Designs

Felt Cup and Saucer from Flowefelt Hand-made Felt

Big Pink Flower from Kirsty Griffin Textile Art

Orange Doily Earrings from Isamo Crochet

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  1. that is so lovely, thank you so much for the mention! x