Friday, 31 May 2013

Blossomy Underwater Bloom

Since moving house in October last year this is the first Spring I get to delight in having a garden of my very own! With real soil and beds and everything!

It is amazing watching new life shoot up from nowhere and I'm getting busy growing all these wonderful new plants. My head is constantly in the garden, thinking of things to grow and jobs that need doing. And 'jobs' I mean in a nice way, tasks that I will really enjoy completing.

I have been ready Monty Don's 'The Ivington Diaries' and he puts it very well to the way I am feeling right now.

 I quote-
 " It always seems to me the May is like that desiccated paper confetti that you drop into a glass of water and watch grow out into full, blossomy underwater bloom. Everything expands in May - light, day length, warmth and above all the sensation of being truly, richly alive."

Crazy flower on the Angelica! I had it in a pot before and then as soon as I put it in the ground a massive flower comes up!

A gorgeous Iris. Never grown an iris before so will be exciting to see how it goes.

The beautiful Hawthorn Tree in the back garden has red flowers! I have never seen a red Hawthorn before.

The Alliums are coming through. - So exciting!

Borage seedlings for Mr. Cat's Ceramics - he loves them! The Bees do to!

This climbing rose was already here when we moved in and it is scattered with flowers of the most delicate powdery sweet fragrance.

Californian Lilac ( I can't remember the proper name). I have been lusting after one of these for a while and finally got one planted in the new garden. When it drops it's petal the whole floor is carpeted with a brilliant blue!

Nasturtium just about getting going. The slugs took a real fancy to them.....

Some of my favourite - Sweet Peas!

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