Monday, 16 April 2012

Silly Me for Sentiments

New 'Sentiment Bowls' 

Impressed with inspiring words to encourage, remind and bring hope.

I am so fond of my new 'Sentiment' Bowls.
They are the perfect size to nestle in the hand and make such lovely gifts for special occasions like birthday's or anniversaries.

Also great for little gifts for friends when needing a pick me up or lift of the spirits.
For those times when you just need reminding to dream and believe.

I am building quite a collection and they looks so beautiful clustered together with their jewel like colours.
I am finding it hard to part with any of them but I am slowly listing them available to buy on my Etsy shop
(You can click on the picture to be taken directly to the listing)

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  1. A really lovely idea :0 such gorgeous colours, in fact I dont know how you part with any of them :)

  2. wow, these are gorgeous! are they fired with the colored glass in an electric kiln? Looks like there is some stain on the lettering too...