Monday, 26 March 2012

And the Winner Is..........

Thank you to everybody who spread the word, liked my items and entered the competition.
It took us a while to figure out a cool way for the bunnies to pick the winning entry.
(They love being involve do our rabbits)
Like they say never work with animals or children and it took us ages to get Joey to do what we wanted.

All the entrants names were written on pieces of paper and folded up 
(Hand model in the making me ;)

Said pieces of paper were then placed into a circle

Joey's favourite toy was stuffed full of treats and placed in the middle of the circle.
It is one of those balls that has an opening so when rolled the treats fall out which are then quickly gobbled up!

The beast was unleashed to do the business

He took his time investigating the situation

Then got bored

Started getting the hang of it

And finally rolled the ball onto the winning name!

So without further adieu 
The winner is........

Hearts and Cupcakes!!


If you can email me at with your address and which necklace you would like to receive
I will send it in the post to you right away.

Thank You for entering and hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!
All the Best x


  1. oh wow, I've won (-: it was a lovely surprise to see my name at the bottom, what a fantastic way to pick a winner. Looking forward to receiving one of your gorgeous necklaces now off to email you. Many thanks

  2. I love how you picked the winner; and showed photographs. Brilliant.

  3. That is the most unique way of picking anything I've ever seen and what a darling is Joey. Thanks for stopping by the Cottage..Happy Thursday..Judy

  4. That is the best way ever to pick the winner!

  5. Sorry I missed the giveaway! What a brilliant way to pick a winner :-D