Wednesday, 9 November 2011

In the Studio........

I often listen to music whilst making in the studio. It helps me to relax, focus and get inspired.
Recently I have been listening to Damien O Kane who after seeing in concert in September have kinda fallen in love with a little bit.  You should check him out......
and on his website

I can be a bit selfish with music and not want to share for fear of over promoting my sacred wonderful artist I hold so dear, to others who will hear such beautiful sweet music and then fall in love and regrettably my special beautiful treasure of a musician will get really popular and as demand will strike pushy greedy music companies step in and my poor once amazing music man who sang magical songs straight to my heart with inevitably sell out and make sad crappy music to keep up with demand and appeal to the masses. I still fear this sadly cause he is really very good but I had to share his music with you-it may make your life better.  It definitely has made mine......

Yeah he is a little bit irish ;)

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  1. very good job !!!! I like it to know much !!!